Pokio comes to the rescue of the Macau’s poker players

While the doors have been forced shut on the Macau Casino Complex, Cork’s premier gaming club has been attracting attention as it continues to cater for its poker players. The entertaining Cashdropcasinos website recently published a feature about our attempts to keep the card playing community spirit alive here in Cork via the social poker app, Pokio.

The feature story highlights the need to use Pokio Code 101343 when downloading the dedicated specialist poker app and before playing the site via your tablet or smartphone as a Macau customer. The cashdropcasinos story also points out how the Cork Macau Casino has partnered-up with the real money social Pokio poker app “in order to maintain its independence and preserve its unique co-operative approach to business.”

Suffice to say we are keen to be back in business, welcoming both old and new customers, as soon as possible but until then we can continue to facilitate our faithful poker players via the Pokio app which is probably the next best thing to playing live in any club or casino.

But rest assured, our affiliation to Pokio is not a simple Band Aid to cover any cracks which these self-isolating times has imposed on us all. It will not be removed once we are all back to work and everyday life returns to normal. The Macau will continue to promote and work with this fully regulated mobile poker app long after the dreaded Covid-19 virus has left our shores.

And why Pokio you may ask? Well, in addition to allowing you to play with players you know (and trust), Pokio is wonderfully unique as it only allows players to play at one table at a time. This removes the hordes of online professionals who play numerous tables simultaneously in a robotic style hoping to hoover-up any loose cash from recreational players. There’s no craic in that.

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