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Responsible Gambling

For most people, a visit to casino is an enjoyable pastime, which can be taken or left on any given day. For a few people, gambling has lost its fun element and has become a problem.

The promotion of responsible gaming in the Macau is in the best interests of both our customers and our ongoing business. If you are of the opinion that gambling is no longer a source of fun and entertainment for you, then it may be best to take a step back and exclude yourself from gambling activities and seek some help and advice.

The decision to gamble is a personal choice and you should never feel pressure to gamble from other people or yourself. You should only gamble with money that you can afford to lose – before you decide to gamble you should set a limit and stick to that limit regardless of the situation. Under no circumstances should you ever borrow money to gamble.

In the Macau, we have number of steps and procedures in place to offer an advanced level of protection to our customers and to identify and intervene in cases of problem gambling:

  • We operate a strict membership policy of over-18’s only with official identification (passport or driver’s licence).
  • In common with other members of the Gaming and Leisure Association of Ireland, the Macau operates a self-exclusion policy for those who are concerned about problem gambling. For more information on self-exclusion and to download a self-exclusion form.
  • Our management and staff are trained to recognise and respond to incidents of problem gambling. We actively monitor of the frequency of customer visits, engage in proactive cautionary interviews with those who show signs of problem gambling, and we strictly enforce exclusion restrictions. Those wishing re-enter the Club after an exclusion period are also invited for an informal interview.
  • We operate careful controls on usage of credit cards – there is a maximum limit of €5000 we only allow withdrawal per credit card in any 24hour period.
  • We restrict the placement and content of our advertising and marketing materials to age-appropriate venues and messages.
  • We securely store all data collected from members and ensure that information is used strictly in accordance with data protection legislation.
  • We do not cash social welfare or benefit cheques.
  • We have policies and procedures in place for compliance with Anti-Money Laundering regulations and the detection and prevention of crime.

Useful contact

Gamblers Anonymous
Carmichael House
North Brunswick St.
Dublin 7
Tel: 01 – 872 11 33

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Macau operates to a strict code of practice and corporate social responsibility. We are committed to responsible gambling within the community and maintaining high standards in our relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and the local community in addition to minimising our effect on the environment.

Credit Card Usage

We operate careful controls on usage of credit cards – there is a maximum limit of €5000 per withdrawal & we only allow 1 withdrawal on a credit card per any 24hour period.

Customer Satisfaction

At the Macau, our highest priority is customer satisfaction. That’s why our staff are available, seven days a week to assist you and answer your questions. We believe that we are only as good as our customers’ perception of us. Therefore, the highest level of integrity is the only standard by which Macau can operate.